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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I get weary hearing about people losing their job this time of year. I've been there, it's painful. I have a friend who's there now, another where I used to work who's got good reasons to worry.

But Karl Peterson finally got his well deserved, thoroughly earned boot to the head.

Not that he didn't do anything right, just not much of anything his second ten years. And from letting Nick Lowry go from a bona-fide Super Bowl contender over $150,000 and an ego clash (Lyn Elliot!) to the present mess (the Chiefs this year make the fundamentals of the economy seem sound) he's at least a victim of his own success. Or something with 'suck' in it.

Don't cry for Karl, he'll get another gig in football, probably do well at it, at least at first. As long as they don't give him too much power or any say at all in the draft.

The replacement is said to be two people, a business guy and a football guy. Smart on Clark Hunt's part, Karl at his worst illustrates how trying to get both out of one guy is a losing bet. Maybe we could get Marty back as the football guy?

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