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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rollin' On the River (Below Freezing)

I haven't got my winter riding gear all quite figured out yet. But the makeshift, make-do and borrowed gear is sufficient to get me setting new records for myself as far as temperatures.

We set out to the River Market via the levy and, according to the bank we passed, it was seven degrees cooler than when I threw it in for being too fargin' cold last Thanksgiving.

I know most of my roadie friends ride trainers, take spin classes, pretty much do anything but ride below freezing. But a lot of them, I'm sure, think nothing of going skiing in cold weather.

Same idea, you need to block the wind, stay dry, keep the sweat from building up and so on. You're moving fast through cold air, but it's not like riding through a volcano or on the bottom of the ocean.

Fast forward a week and maybe I was a tad cocky in setting out for the store when it was 25ºF and falling with brutal northwest winds around 30 mph. I emerged from shopping to 17ºF and winds at least 30 mph. Fortunately it was a short trip, 6.4 miles round trip. Definitely need to figure out that mitten thing if nothing else.

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