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Friday, December 31, 2010

Made 'Em Myself

I made calendars again this year as Christmas presents, which is a fun way to share pics of my daughters with, among others, my Mom who won't under any circumstances entertain the idea of a computer in her home.

Em made a request awhile back, asking me if I could make her a notebook that went with the business cards I made her on Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

I got the juice to make that happen, right? Since Mo doesn't really write in notebooks, but does fantastic art (specializing in abstract expressionism), I made her a couple of art pads.

I wasn't sure how much Corinna wrote on paper as opposed to keyboarding everything like I do, but I've got evidence that she at least sometimes writes poems on paper the old fashioned way, so I made her notebooks featuring the logos for her business and poetry project with bicycle wheel watermarks worked into the pages at random for good measure.

Corinna guessed what it was because I made the mistake of inquiring about her use of notebooks. I laughed and said, 'But you haven't seen the design.'

Which really is the gift, notebooks are nothing special. Moleskine makes high dollar notebooks (the ones I made weren't acid free stock, but they were on Classic Crest 80 lb text, better paper than any notebook I've ever bought), but Peanuts and Pac-Man isn't exactly personalized.

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