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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Multicultural, Sorta

Max got to walk to the Taqueria with us, in a hilarious coat Corinna put on him. He's a hunting dog by breeding, though not by training, so I guess a boy's camo coat should have looked hunterly, but I thought the effect was more AWOL soldier.

The taco special was fantastic: we had six kinds of excellent tacos in a throng of cheerful Mexicans having a good time out of the bitter cold. A guitar was strummed, but the guitarist was too busy telling stories and jokes (lost on me, I have basically no Spanish) to play songs.

And dinner for two including tamarind soda and tip was all of ten bucks.

After we ate, Corinna did a bit of grocery shopping, and I spotted some imported candy. And I wasn't sure what to make of this: what is a Japanese peanut and why do we import them from Mexico? Is this an exercise in multiculturalism or some sort of candied misunderstanding?

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