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Friday, December 31, 2010


That 'My Friends Tigger and Pooh' song has been in heavy rotation on Mo's YouTube this year, so when I saw these last month my hard-to-shop-for kid went into the no-brainer column.

Not sure the art pads made as much of an impression, though I got some of Mo's art as a present, and not only do I think she'll do great things on the pads but I think I know where I might come up with backgrounds for next year's family calendar.

Em makes the most amazing things out of modeling clay, mainly for her Barbies. Including but not limited to a clarinet, salad, and poop in the Barbie toilet.

Just for the record, I called it: all the bare midriffs and whatnot that's been in fashion the past few years, I knew argyle socks were right around the corner.

Mo loves her a rubber chicken. Loves it to death, usually within 24 hours.

And what makes a better Christmas dinner than fried chicken?

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