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Monday, December 13, 2010

And Nobody Even Knows What Judo Is

I caught the tail end of Corinna's Judo workout. I would have caught more, but I made the mistake of using MapQuest instead of just wandering around until I stumbled on some place I wanted to be. How that site does it (sends me 30 blocks away from the address I accurately keyed in) is the Lord's own private mystery.

Anyway, for my benefit they actually did a couple of extra rounds. I won't claim to understand what I saw (though I'm aware that this is Judo, not Kung Fu, despite the lame 'Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting' title).

And I was keenly aware that Corinna was the only chick on the mat and the guys she was grappling with and throwing generally had a foot of height and over fifty pounds on her.

And she seemed to be holding her own. A couple of kids (I think their Dad was the class leader) were where Corinna was packing up her gear afterward, and I said to them, My girl's wicked tough, ain't she?

They nodded, eyes bugging out a little.

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