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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slow Learner

The common element of all the stupid things I've ever done in my life is me.

I'm a heart attack survivor who carries an excess hundred pounds or so on his frame. I don't work out. I stupidly trust the drugs, and they're good, but a smart man would give them some help.

I'm a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy survivor, too, and I still have yet to commit to a full plastectomy despite knowing full well Dave Ramsey is right on that score.

There's more, really there is, but I get tired thinking about all the ways in which my life is probably meant to be a cautionary tale for others.

My iMac is the latest illustration of my wisdom deficiency. I mean, I bought this thing in a way that is even stupider than credit cards: in the process of rolling some retirement money over, I pinched off a touch. I paid the penalty, paid the taxes, got a kickass piece of consumer electronics. My brother, the actuary, helped me calculate the scope of this particular move, and if I'd left that money to grow until retirement (assuming there will still be a U.S. economy in a few years), my little cash out makes that computer cost more than a freakin' car.

I can ameliorate that stupidity, somewhat, by the fact the my little pinch would be worth half what it was at the time... But it's still stupid.

Anyway, the computer, an Adobe upgrade, and I was tapped out. No extra money for a backup external hard drive. But it's a new computer, and how often do new hard drives fail?

Fast forward fifteen months, and I've had better years financially. In fact, I'd have to go back to before my kids were born to find one that sucked quite as hard. So I kept putting that backup drive off, even though they've gotten ridunculously cheap.

And I'm working on a project yesterday, a sale I made for my employer that was two years in the making, and I'm getting ready to email the proof and the rainbow beachball symbol just hangs there.

No force quitting, no dice. A hard boot, and I get the gray screen indefinitely.

Hard drive failure. What is not backed up? 15 months of freelance work, 27,000 family photos, my account numbers and passwords for all that online bill paying I do.

Those photos, I'd sell plasma to get those back. I'd touch a spider if it would get my pics back. If the 'geniuses' at the Apple Store can't get my data back, there's a company that charges $300 flat to try and retrieve your files. I've used them before when a hard drive at my employer failed, and I know they're good. And their fee is only twice as much as a fairly cavernous external hard drive would have cost me to begin with.

And as my past experience with KC Data Recovery indicates, this is not my first rodeo when it comes to hard drive failures. I know better. It's like the overweight heart attack survivor bellying up to the all-you-can-eat bacon buffet with a cigarette going.

It's the slow learner. Posting, in this case, from the dicey four-year-old PC his iMac replaced...

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