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Friday, March 06, 2009

Jumpin' Jack Flash

I tend to avoid flash photography. I don't like the harsh, artificial light. Though seeing some of the photos Ed Biamonte gets with various strobes made me reconsider my absolute moratorium on the flash.

I took Mo to a park for a few minutes prior to Sissy's play to let her blow off some steam. This made it more likely she'd be able to sit through the performance, which made it more likely I'd get to watch the whole thing.

It was dark, though. 6:30 and we haven't sprung forward with the clocks just yet. I got this kind of garbage without the flash.

Actually, most of what I got sans flash is far, far worse.

But with some flash, using manual mode to control shutter speed and aperture, I got these. Flash-glare to be sure, but she stands out sharp against the background and the photos have energy if nothing else.

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