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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Winner Winner Pork Chop Dinner

And Aunt Ruby's German Green, another tomato I might plant at least twice next time...

I have to be careful, though, because while I can envision a garden with six or eight Paul Robeson plants, and I can envision a garden that grows more than umpteen varieties of tomato with a smattering of peppers and basil, I have a very finite budget and an even finiter yard.

But these green-when-ripe (they do get some pinkish stripes when they're ready) tomatoes are second only to Kellogg's Breakfast for flavor in terms of what I've grown this year. And KB is definitely getting two slots next year. When it comes to BLT/slice-and-eat tomato, that is a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, the Guns of the Navarone, superfly TNT in a golden tomato that can get so big my daughter thought it was a pumpkin.

So anyway, I got to grill my first homegrown zucchini from the Extension Office along with some pork chops and an Aunt Ruby's German Green was the perfect rounding out for this. Though, given the whole green when ripe thing, shouldn't it be Aunt Emeralda?

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