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Friday, August 20, 2010


I bought fresh eggs from a farm I had ridden by on my bike, noticed their sign.

Fresh, cage-free eggs, as a matter of fact, for about half what the store sells such things and fresher besides.

I also picked up some no-water-added 'steak' cut bacon. Took me back to my misspent youth when I'd go to Chubby's after beating the night. I asked the guy who ran the joint, one early morning, how come their bacon didn't cook away to nothing like most.

'Most bacon you find is 22, this is 9. When I looked at him blankly, he said, 'Slices per pound.'

When I opened this package of 'crazy thick' Burger's Smokehouse bacon, I realized instantly, I was seeing nine slices, one pound of bacon, almost two ounces per slice.

I know as a culinary adventure, I didn't invent the B.E.L.T. But with whole wheat toast, a thick slab of Kellogg's Breakfast tomato, some 'nine' bacon and a farm fresh egg fried crispy at the edges/runny yolk in a bit of that bacon's fat, I may well have perfected it.

Sure hope that KB plant produces another fruit or two, it'd suck to have to wait until next year for a dinner as fantastic as this.


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike...stopped by Fritz's on state line the other day and had them slice me some bacon at EIGHT slices per pound. We'll have some Carbon and Brandywine Sudduth on our BLT's today.

PlazaJen said...

LOL - Rod, that's not anonymous, it's my husband James. I was about to say "Hey! We get ours super thick like that from Fritz's" and there's my husband, beatin' me to it. Farm fresh eggs are the best. His grandparents will start getting more in soon - can't wait!

Chixulub said...

Yeah, I learned awhile ago that pretty much any Anonymous post was Mr. Worley, Tomato Guru.

It's a clever log-in, I'm surprised nobody else had taken it.

Fritz's has good stuff, I get Andouille sausage from there for Papa Legba's Black Bean Soup and whatnot, never tried their bacon.

Burger's Smokehouse brand is pretty good stuff, no brine injected into it, and they sell it in a variety of thicknesses, from 9 to I think 13 or 15 and that old industry standard 22 slices to the pound. Which is fine for thin, crispy bacon, that has its place, but for something like these sandwiches, that crunchy/chewy combination is hard to beat and you only get that from a thick slice.