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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holiday Hill Ride

This was Plan A:

Holiday Drive is a hill ride if this metro area has one. Climbing from 71st or so to 65th, the sweat running into my eyes and into my glasses, I stopped at the top to wipe down. As I resumed, I saw some riders coming up the other way and gave them the thumbs-up, 'Good job, it's all downhill from here!'

They called out 'Back atcha!'

A hill ride from my Mom's house, but it was late when I got there, and later when I got underway, and when I got to Gibbs and 47th in KCK, I looked at the clock (7:33) and remembered the sunset on was 8:03, and I thought, maybe, on my best day, I could almost do the rest of this route in half an hour, but I wouldn't bet on it.

So I went up 47th/Antioch, took a slight detour through Mom's neighborhood to maximize my time and hill climbing, and got back before 8:00. And eight is the new nine, the days are that short.

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