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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just a Quickie

I called my Dad to ask if he could facilitate a ride. I've got the girls overnight this evening, so that put the kibosh on doing one after their mother picked them up, my original plan.

It was so nice, the weather has finally broken from that oppressive heat wave, I really wanted to ride. But Dad helped someone move yesterday and wasn't feeling to jazzed about it.

How long a ride are we talking about? He wanted to know. I said two hours though the weather was making me think three or more.

How about one hour?

Well, that's about as long as I'd get if I was setting out after the girls went back to their mother, being it gets dark by 8:30-ish these days. Take what you can get, right?

It was great. After so many rides in the oppressive heat, it almost feels like cheating to only sweat profusely. Dad lives right off the final leg of the Trek Recovery Ride's usual path and I basically took what I think of as the idea Trek route. It's actually cobbled together from two routes we've taken, I don't think the group has ever quite done this exact route, though they've done all its pieces.

If they ever tell me to lead, this is where we'd ride.

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