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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sickness in the Garden

It looks healthy enough when you stand way back, but I'm seeing more spots, yellowed leaves, and so on. I quit treating with antifungal around mid-July and I wonder if I stopped too soon. I resumed last Sunday when I noticed some of this stuff, and I've pruned quite a bit but so far to no avail.

Even my Sweet Italian Basil has taken a hit.

I've grown too attached, I'm sure, to these plants, most of which now tower over me. And my fears of having more tomatoes than I could possibly use are giving away to the realization that I need to put out even more tomato plants next year. I envisioned a year's supply of canned tomatoes for chili, soups, stews, salsa, chutney and so on, and so far my own consumption and giving away a few has kept up with the ripening crop.

There's still a lot of fruit out there, green on the vines, but blossoms promising even more are pretty scarce.

There are blossoms on the mystery/mutant plant that was supposed to be a Tigarella. It was late putting on any fruit, so maybe it'll be a late producer all the way through to the frost.

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