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Sunday, December 06, 2009

That Feeling...

You know the feeling when you're looking through clutter for something and you're kinda half buried yourself and the lights go out? Kinda how I felt today.

The band I've played in for most of a year is breaking up either because I'm a jerk or because one of the members thought their own favorite songs were the definition of the mainstream and assumed that others would learn these songs without expecting even a modest reciprocal effort. My stepbrother is dying. Things are slow at work. Gas is getting expensive again.

And Em had District Honor Choir today that required me to get up in the middle of the night to take her to school.

Hey, I was up, so why am I bitching? We went to bed relatively early but Mo was up and I think I was so worried about oversleeping I assumed her being up meant we were behind until Em pointed out that it was only 4:00 a.m. Em didn't have to be at school until 6:40.

We ended up the three of us in Daddy's bed. Be at school an hour and a half before school starts on weekdays on a Saturday? I want to find the person who came up with this bullshit and break their kneecaps. I'm not joking, that's inhuman.

Em's concert was at 2:30, and when me and Mo got there (pushing late because I tried to take a nap, I was so exhausted) there wasn't a legal parking space to be found. There were five empty slots, all half consumed by assholes who parked across the line leaving space for a motorcycle provided it wasn't a large motorcycle.

I finally gave up and parked in the fire lane with many other violators.

Then we get in there and there's an admission charge. A buck. Which I would gladly pay if I had a single cent of cash on me. Which I didn't. They gave me the tickets because I was pitiful, and then some officious child given control of the door told me I couldn't go in until there was a break between songs.

We heard three songs through the door. A medley, without pause. When the applause started and the door was finally open it was because the concert was over.

Radical concepts: schedule the concert for evening so you don't have to get the kids up so early they think they're in boot camp. Don't try to blend twelve grades into one day and pretend there's enough parking at a school that only has drivers in the final three grades with parents who can afford a spare car. Don't charge a surprise admission, either, we pay taxes on our house just to live in the same county and state with the school, we provided the kid, we shouldn't have to pay extra to hear what happens next.

And finally, don't give control of the door to some 15 year old toadie who needs a tube of Clearasil and tell him to repel the parents your other anti-parent measures failed to deter.

The picture is what I got while the crowd applauded the performance I missed.

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