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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday Ride

I was gonna do the Three O'Clock Ride.

I'm not sure they have one these day's, Christy broke her leg and she is the egg and flour that holds that latke together. Stands to reason since she was co-owner of Acme Bicycles, and the 3:00 O'Clock started out as the Acme Ride. I'm told some of the regulars have taken to meeting at 10:00 at the same place for the 'turtle ride.'

Me, I was leaving the house at 2:54, so there wasn't much chance of making the 3:00 O'Clock Ride even if it was on. I still headed to YJ's first, shot the new facade of the boutique next to it. The cat has snot running out its nose, it's texting, listening to its iPod.

I was going to ride by a friend's house but about a third of the way there I decided to ride up north of the river to the sticker dumpster and then out to Local Pig for some scrapple, lamb bacon and whatnot. It didn't seem like I'd done much riding, but when I got home I was past 25 miles. Not epic mileage, but not a bad way to spend a few hours on an unseasonably warm November afternoon.

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