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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Part II: My Hood

When the dust settled at around 9:00, we had a smattering of candy left. Based on the starting inventory and on our practice of only giving one piece to each pint sized horseman of the apocalypse who visited us, we had just shy of 300 kiddos between 6:00 and 9:00, or about 100 per hour.

It was unseasonably warm, but damn. I've bought similar stocks of candy at my last domicile and given three pieces out to each taker and had more leftover.

I'm not complaining, I thought it was great.

I did buy candy in a tiered system. In Gardner, we got the little kids early, then a wave of high schoolers and then nothing after about 8:00.

Here in Westheight, we got tiny kids all the way up to 9:00 and after I'd shut off the light and retreated, I could still see cars and minivans slowly patrolling hoping for another place to send their yard apes a calling.

We had a few too-old kids in the mix but mainly it was well-costumed wee ones. The usual suspects, of course, Iron Man, characters from Star Wars, Scream masks, ninjas, princess types. But we also had some rappers I'd never heard of, three feet tall and all blinged out.

Me, I was dressed as a Tourist. Hawaiian shirt, Nikon around my neck, kinda fat, gawking like I'd never seen these things before. I guess I came up with a costume after all, my normal, every-day getup.

I got some good shots of Em as Snow White. What she referred to as an 'updated' Snow White because it was a little to sexy. Even the dog tried to look up her skirt, which I think is fairly scandalous. He's like 95 in dog years and neutered to boot, what's he looking up there for?

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