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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tag Up

Under the bridge I got married on there's been some tag art aslong as I can remember. Boom Niak as been there over a year.

The troll at the bottom of the bridge leading over the Kansas River into Fairfax has been busy lately.

These new tags showed up and some of them are pretty good but I kept putting off going down to shoot them.

I saw I story in the Kansas City Scar about how they're going to use block grants or something to eradicate the problematic graffiti in the area. Fine by me, there are a bunch of trashy gang tags I'd cover up myself if I wasn't too cheap to buy the paint.

On the flip side, there is a lot of 'tag' art that really is the only improvement a community gets sometimes.

The West Bottoms seems to be one of those areas.

I'd actually rather tolerate a few gang tags and bad scribbles than have tax dollars wasted obliterating real art.

The story said they were going to replicate the 'success' they'd had at the bottom of the 12th Street Viaduct. Not every piece down there was amazing, but there were several bonafide works of art and a few others clearly done by artists with some promise, feeling their way and developing a style.

Then one day some assholes came in with gray paint and desecrated the whole gallery. It was completely indiscriminate no doubt because a painter was contracted to cover it all up without regard to whether a given piece was actually an improvement over gray paint on concrete.

But I guess that gray paint makes a good base for future pieces.

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