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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pizza Party

My Mom's sister was in town, which doesn't happen every day, or even every year.

We got the fam together around some Old Shawnee pizza.  I brought my camera, of course.

I've been playing a lot with the camera lately trying to figure out how to get more vivid colors in my photos. One of the tricks, it turns out, was to set my camera on 'Vivid.'

Seems kinda obvious, but I thought I'd done so long ago. I guess I either set it back to normal or it reset itself at some point or I don't know.

The other tricks relate to picking the right white balance setting, which isn't always obvious, and to metering the right way (there are options for metering based on the whole frame, weighted to the center-ish area, or just dead center, bullseye).

I'm sure if I got the manual and book I have for it out, I'd find out there's even more tools at my disposal, but I felt better about these shots, on the whole, than what I've tended to get lately.

Then, before we left I got everyone under Mom's pin oak for a group photo.

Of course, I'd forgotten my tripod, so I'm not in it.

But to compensate, everyone stood real still and orderly, all looking at the camera, smiling, etc. Nobody even blinked their eyes.

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