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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peas on Earth

I was surprised to stumble on this garden. I was riding up Summit so I coud bomb the 12th Street bridge, and there it was. Peas on Earth. My surprise factor was this is maybe two blocks from the Switzer Community Farm, the best community garden in the city and one of the bigger ones.

I guess there must be a lot of gardening energy in that area.

But speaking of gardening energy: I planted a couple of beds last weekend, and it was three stores before I found anyone even selling seeds. And when I did, at Suburban, I paid $20 for picked over seeds that barely filled two 4x8 raised beds.

A customer was chatting with me about the weather, and when I mentioned my fall garden and the challenge of finding seeds, he said, categorically, "You need to join Kansas City Community Gardens."

Ten bucks for a membership, which comes with ten seed packets and a gallon baggie of fertilizer. The membership allows you to buy seed packets for a buck and transplantable plants at $2 per six-pack. And these seed packets have some heft to them.

Basically, if you'll buy ten packets, they'll give you a bag of fertilizer and call you a member. It's a deal.

And they offer classes and whatnot to boot. So yeah, if you grow stuff to eat or look at, you need to join Kansas City Community Gardens.

I joined, bought ten six-pack trays of broccoli, collards, kale, etc. and ten additional packets of seeds. Loaded up 2-1/2 beds worth this evening, have five-ish left to fill tomorrow and will probably fill it all and end up saving half those seed packets for spring at the rate things are going.

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