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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Snapshot of Married Life

We met on Beardsley and while riding home, Corinna saw a picture she wanted me to take.  Which is to say, it was a picture she wanted to take, but she had a phone and I had a Nikon D7000, so she figured I should do the honors.

I didn't mind.  It wasn't my shot, I wasn't enthralled by the sun setting behind Mid-South Milling from the James Street Viaduct, but I was willing to play staff photographer.

I saw some Canadian geese gorging on a grain spill down on the tracks, that was closer to being my subject. A little semi-wild Foie Gras coming up. Maybe these were French Canadian birds.

Anyway, it was around this time we had some company in from out of town and while preparing dinner, I threw eight ears of corn on as part of the sides for six people. Without seeing how much corn I had started cooking, Corinna told me to cook less than one ear per person because, 'Pretty much everyone here is watching their carbs.'

They are? I said. I'm not.

'Okay,' she said. 'I've been watching your carbs.'

What have they been doing? Marching down my throat and setting up camp at my midsection?

And she had the grace not to answer that question.

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