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Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet the New Route

I got bored with my ride to work.

Not with riding, just the route.

Kind of a shame because I'd found a new favorite place to get breakfast, where $1.74 gets a fantastic carnitas burrito.

I'm sure I'll return to my route that runs long Kansas Avenue and hit that place again. If you want to eat cheap and eat well on the go, find a place where you stand in line behind Mexican laborers. They seem to have a knack for not wasting their hard earned money on bad or overpriced food.

I left early one morning to scout my new route, assuming it would be longer and/or take longer.

I got to work early that day. Turns out, the new route is within 1/10 of a mile the same distance as the old route, and while it has one long climb that made me think it was hillier, I now think that three little hills equal one big one, and the two routes probably have about the same total elevation.

And the new route takes me through the West Bottoms, so when I'm ahead of schedule, I can stop to shoot a tag or two. As an added bonus, I often pass my friend Meetzorp on her morning constitutional with her dog.

Meetzorp invented the helmet mohawk Corinna and I wear.

And actually, I realized as I previewed this post, one of these shots is from my ride home from work. A trained eye who rides to and from along the same route would be able to tell, but I bet you can't.

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