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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rolling on the River

When she described a 'bike and hike' trail, I pictured something actually developed for biking and hiking. Like those asphalt sidewalks that run along a lot of the creeks in Johnson County.

Sort of, but this was a different kind of government make-work project, a levy on the Kansas River.

Gravel sucks as a riding surface almost as bad as ice or snow except you can't melt or evaporate gravel with weather. It's always shitty. Plus, with all the snow melt that had just happened, where the gravel gave way it was muddy.

There's all this cool graffiti art that's tagged up for people passing on the highway. I've seen some of these pieces from afar that way, but you can't appreciate the scale. Some of these letters are 20 feet high. These tags are not spray paint, someone with ladders, rollers, and a posse of apprentices did this stuff.There are cool shots of Downtown you'd never get from another vantage point.

I got a bit stressed out, I admit. This is my second Levy Adventure, and the first one I really failed to enjoy. I really dig paved roads when it comes to cycling, and maybe I expected too much for this to be a cycling adventure. Really, the 'hike' segments where you go under bridges or around gates, a bicycle, especially one loaded with all your winter gear, a change of clothes and a CPAP, is a hindrance.

But the things you see, there's no other way to see them.

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