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Thursday, February 03, 2011

How Much Did It Snow?

It snowed so much I shoveled my driveway.

That's a lot of snow. I normally just gun the engine in the garage and blast my way to the street. The snow generally isn't that deep and melts soon enough that its inconvenience doesn't outweigh the hassle of shoveling.

But arriving home on Wednesday there was a good three foot berm made by the plows.* And the eight to twelve inches of snow beyond that was more than I could have gotten through in my car anyway.

So my choice was park in the street and hope my car starts when it's –8ºF or get in a car that is merely cold and will definitely start. The sore back and the car in the garage won.

*Those of you in Kansas City, Missouri, this is what actual city services look like, you should try it sometime. The side streets, even the cul-de-sacs, they get bladed clean and treated with salt and sand just like the main roads. Those TIF projects inept and corrupt politicians love so well, the tax abatement scams, and all that idiotic make-work landscaping on the 'boulevards' doesn't look so pretty compared to passable roads.

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