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Friday, February 04, 2011

The Dress

Em has a 'Winter Royalty' dance Saturday night, and she wanted to Thrift Store for a dress for it.

That's my girl, don't buy it new, especially something of such limited utility. If she also learns not to buy shit online that should be bought from a good local retailer, she'll have it made.

Anyway, my massage therapist heard about my plans to take her shopping and mentioned that she had four 'prom' dresses she'd bought for various dances back in high school that she was looking for a good home for. One of those things, too impractical to wear to work, too expensive to throw away.

Besides having fantastic taste, she's also about Em's size. Exactly her height, and apparently in high school her everything else as well.

Shana did warn me I might not approve of Em wearing these dresses. Thing is, I know how boys her age look at girls, I remember it well. I'm even still guilty of it at times.

I could send her to the dance encased in concrete, locked in a railroad car and sunk to the bottom of a large body of water and the same boys would undress her with their eyes.

That said, one of the dresses maybe made the job too easy for them. The Artist Formerly Known as Frau Lobster and I decided maybe later in her high school dance career on that one. Maybe.

But she sure had fun with them and she's sure looking forward to getting ready for the hoedown. Well, until she hears me call it that, 'hoedown' is not cool, even Dad knows that.

I was also proud to learns he plans to wear her sparkly Converse sneakers with whatever dress she ends up going in. Because she has a pair of high heels, but they hurt and are 'ridiculous.'

Way to be, kid.

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