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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Hot dogs are a guilty pleasure for me. One of my favorite meals on the go is a QT dog, mayo and Tabasco. It's no nutritional powerhouse, as my girlfriend will tell you, but I've read the nutrition information and it's not the worst 'dollar menu' option out there either. And while one of them doesn't seem filling, by the time I've eaten it, I'm back in the car and not quite hungry anymore, so it gets me by.

I guess this is a guiltier pleasure, I stopped in at the New York Dawg Pound the other day and had a 'Philly' dog. With bacon.

Obviously these guys are in the Cheese Whiz school of Philly Cheesesteaks. Anyway, as fast food goes the Dawg Pound is a deal, and the Nathan's franks they use are a cut above. I loved it, but I'm less likely to be back than I am to try and make a better dawg at home...

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