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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Arabesquing With Dictators

I remember back in grade school or maybe it was junior high, reading a magazine bit about some of the strong men of Central America — Ortega, Noriega, Somoza, those cats. The headline was to the effect of 'Dancing with Dictators, the Trick is When To Change Partners.'

I don't remember the story, which asshead or commie puppet it favored editorially, but given the uprisings in the Middle East of late, I've thought a lot about that headline.

The message of the masses is clear, to: Gaddafi, King Abdullah, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Omar al-Bashir, etc. WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!

I hope good things are happening. Hard to believe a country's army is going to take over and not produce another military dictatorship, but maybe Egypt is a special case.

I remember when the Communist scheme fell apart in central/eastern Europe and Russia, but despite bright spots like the Czech Republic, in most of those places it seems the same assholes are in charge of the same system, they just don't give Marx credit for the mess.

Looking at a place like Libya, I hope the don't settle for a new Gaddafi, same as the old Gaddafi.

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