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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Urban Night

Some shots video from urban odysseys I went on with Corinna this week. A rumble-bump gravel ride along a levee I failed to fully appreciate; a loop around the bottoms and along a spooky-ass bridge under Central; a ride into a theoretically dodgy neighborhood for a poetry open mic.

The first video needs some explanation: I was prepared to be skeptical of Donnovan's poetry, and when I realized how good he was I'd already missed the best thing he did Tuesday night. He seemed to be free-styling, but there were so many internal rhymes and double entendres and layered meanings that it didn't seem possible it wasn't memorized verse.

As great as this clip is (if you can hear, the clarity from my camera really doesn't measure up to live), what he did right before this was bigger and badder.

For that matter, even though he was going like an auctioneer, I found myself able to follow the twists and turns. Like he was on a fast motorcycle in the mountains and I was riding bitch and just hanging on.

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