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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Go Chiefs! (And Take the Royals With Ya)

I can't help it, I'm a Chiefs fan. And while I don't think I watched a whole game during the regular season, the playoffs are a different thing.

I was still married the last time the Chiefs were in the playoffs.

The way fans do, without knowing anything meaningful, I predicted the team would improve from last year's 4-12 to be 8-8, maybe a wild card if the year was weird enough for other teams.

Besides the fact that we finished with an improbably good record and won our division, the year had other compensations for me. One was knowing that for twenty years, Raiders fans will bristle that they swept their division and didn't even get a wild card. It's never okay for the Chiefs to lose or the Raiders to win, but if we're going to go 0-2 against Oakland, it's important that it turns to ashes in Al Davis' mouth.

So my TV wasn't working. I hadn't really missed it, I think it'd been on the blink for almost a month before I realized it. A few days later I had an internet outage and when the Time Warner guy reset the modem the TV worked again, but that wasn't in time for the playoffs.

Plus, I was hanging at the Poet Laureate's that day and she doesn't even own a TV. Hey, it's one of her selling points, but I really wanted to see the Chiefs last Sunday.

So I made my first ride in the snow. Or sort of, there was the ice cream run a few weeks ago but there was no accumulation. This was my first time with the white stuff showing up on the streets.

Which didn't turn out to be a big deal. There wasn't that much of it and the road crews were really working it. So after watching the Griefs' predictable playoff loss at Winslow's, I rode around downtown taking pictures and whatnot.

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