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Sunday, January 16, 2011

And It's Contagious...

Corinna has cautioned me that, learning to pack for a commute from her, I run the risk of catching a bad case of TMS.

Actually, the rack and panniers she fixed me up with, the panniers won't stay out of my spokes unless they're pretty full, so if I'm aiming to fetch stuff the trick is how to fill them enough to hold their shape while leaving room for what's coming home.

I've got a rack waiting for me at the Trek store that I hope cures this. I think it's long enough and built such that I can put the gay Basil Twig panniers on without getting my feet in them. I also think the way it's configured might keep the panniers I've got out of the spokes a bit better, too.

Not that I think this will cure my own TMS. It's not just on a bicycle, I seem to bring too much shit with me everywhere.

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