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Sunday, January 30, 2011


After last weekend's debacle of getting to Crown Center after the last Kaleidoscope session, I couldn't refuse Mo's request for Moon Marble. But I didn't get my shit halfway together any quicker than I did last week, and what with needing to get the girls to my Mom's so I could get downtown and see Corinna and Brian off to Jeff City, we had to leave almost as soon as we got there.

I did remember, for a change, to offer Mo her camera. She took 723 shots in her inimitable style. I offer them to you here in the form of a video.

In fact, I brought my riding boots in with me so I could change out of my running shoes during the marble demo and be that much closer to ready to ride.

I'd egged my friend Jill to check out Moon Marble sometime, but then I've done that before. Several times. So imagine my surprise when I heard her voice ask, 'Where's the rest of you?'

It was a great surprise to see Jill, first time since around Halloween, not long after I went under the knife for my busted birdfinger and about the time the Trek group started wimping out on Monday nights due to weather.

The only thing that would have been more fantastic is if I could have hung around longer. I trust that she found everything she doesn't need, as Bruce put it, in the shop. I think she might have been leaning toward buying Farkel of some variety or other.

But I had other fish to fry. Which is to say I had to get scooting to park Mo and Em at my Mom's so I could get downtown to see Corinna and Brian off on another epic adventure.

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