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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Choir Concert

Em's choir concert had been iced out back in December and the rematch was tonight.

I had fun playing with my camera, and maybe I played harder because I had Camera Envy when it came to the woman sitting behind me with a monster dSLR.

I was never aware of the shutter noise of a camera in a concert before this, but hers made that ratchet-ish sound I associate with the old 32mms.

My camera doesn't make a squawk like that, but it's not silent, or it wasn't. I searched the menu and discovered it has a 'mute' setting. Only three and a half years, maybe 80,000 shutters, I found it out fast.

Knowing my camera doesn't do much good in low light at distance has never stopped me though. 256 frames I mashed out in self-conscious silence. Thinking a time or two, is that sound still a physical phenomena, the result of the mirror swinging out of the way of the sensor? Or is it puffery designed to make someone feel they got their eight hundred bucks worth?

Partly it was my usual shutterbug tendencies, but hearing that high end camera at close range, I found myself clicking away even when my kid wasn't on stage.

Desperately, I tried shutter speeds and ISO settings, zooms and pans with the intention to crop. I shot dark with the intention to Photoshop things brighter.

And in the process, I got some hero shots, despite the limitations of my antique Powershot. Including some shots of this girl from one of the 'feeder' choirs who didn't seem to do much singing, but sure seemed to get lost in the moment.

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