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Thursday, January 06, 2011


On the way in to the choir concert, I saw this trophy, a monster, in the school's display case. Being a football fan, I was sad for GEHS to get knocked out of their best shot at a state championship in probably ever. But what I hear is football isn't even Bubba's sport, he's even more promising as a baseball player.

I can relate, if in a small way: I made State jazz band my junior year of high school and when I sent my audition tape as a senior, I was so much better than I had been a year before that it was shocking to find out some other guitarist had snagged my spot.

And given that there are probably a hundred young quarterbacks for every high schooler with dreams of headlining the Village Vanguard, I'm sure I discovered I wasn't the biggest fish in an even smaller pond.

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