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Monday, September 07, 2009

Tying One Off (Okay, More Than One)

We did another tie-dye party today. I was going to take the honyocks to Irish Fest, but they both pooped on the idea, so I spent the money on die & a couple of five-packs of white t-shirts.

I even got Mo to participate some, but she tired of squirting die on shirts faster than I'd have believed. I think, all in all, I prefer the dip-it-in-RIT version to this kit, though I might do this kit again. Thing is, a lot of the shirts ended up with so little dye in them, I might make another go at them. Maybe iron, wash & dry to set the colors, then get a light color RIT dye to make them less white. That'll shift whatever colors are already there, I know, but maybe yellow?

I did buy a bottle of black RIT, and most of the good results we got today included a flirtation with the black bath.

I had a couple of darker colored shirts I tie-bleached, with so-so results.

I guess if we did the squirt bottle dyes again, I wouldn't worry about tying things up so much. When you're dipping, you have to tie like crazy, super tight or no pattern emerges. With the bottles, you could just squirt a bunch of die at a shirt without tying it and get some interesting effects.

Good thing we took the show outside, though. My kitchen counter is permanently stained by the last time, but my front porch looks like a fairy massacre took place right there on the steps. At least, Em says t-shirt dye is fairy blood. But then, she thinks this whole activity makes her a hippie.

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Kerrie McLoughlin said...

looks like fun, fellow KC dude. jeez, you have been blogging forever. i'll have to check out some back posts.