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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Coda & Tour of Missouri

Had grilled salmon at my Dad's today in commemoration of the big event. And banana cream pie.

I was going to take my Trek gift cards over to the Trek Store to try to finish outfitting my bike for BikeMS, but the Trek Store was closed on account of the Tour of Missouri. So we went downtown to see what we could see.

I can't say the girls were thrilled to be there. After the fact, Mo seemed pleased with seeing it. When I asked her if it was awesome, she said, 'yes.'

We waited on the 31st Street bridge over Broadway until the peloton came through. I was stunned by how many marshall cars & cycles there were. I accidentally saw part of the Tour come through downtown last year and I don't remember quite such an entourage ahead of the bikes.

We headed down to Crown Center, got there just in time to see the end of the race. Very cool.

I'm not sure what the Barbies throwing t-shirts were promoting. They had on riding clothes, the spandex shorts and whatnot, but had improbably high-heeled knee-high boots on, which I somehow doubt is a new kind of cleat for a pedal system.

As we were leaving, I asked Em, really, ever scene anything like that? She said she had, on TV. Which I contend isn't the same as actually seeing something. TV can't convey the sound of a hundred bikes cranking down 31st at 40 mph, or give you any idea how tiny most of these guys are. Of course, if I'd watched it on TV I would have known David Zabriskie was the overall winner without having to cheat and look it up. Because it would have been repeated more clearly than the PA at Crown Center managed. And TV shows you more than you can see from any one observation point. Must be a cool gig to ride on the back of a motorcycle with a camera.

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