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Friday, September 11, 2009

Speaking of Band Practice...

Sandy asked me on Facebook when the band is going to start playing gigs.

I might not have blown Diet Dew out my nose seeing that after our last practice. That was the practice when I heard the sickening sound of my recorded voice, but it was also the practice where Jamie started playing an original piece he'd been working on, and we all kind of jumped in and winged it. And it worked. It was a sublime moment of creativity, and I drove home with that song running around in my head and thinking if I could learn how to carry a tune myself, we might be able to play outside the basement someday.

Bolstered by the memory of this, I'd even done some sheet music research and burned a couple discs of two songs I want to add to the lineup. Challenging songs, at that. Including another that will call on me to sing even if I do make Bob Dylan and Tom Waits sound like silver-throated crooners.

But that was over a month ago, one thing and another, life happens. And a month without band practice was too much. We struggled, especially with Jamie's 'God Song.'

So gigs...maybe if they bring back the Gong Show.

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