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Friday, September 18, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I'd thought to take my kids to a high school football game tonight, my nourishing mother if North was playing (they weren't). I'd emailed my Dad to see if the girls could hang with him while I got one last long Saturday ride in before BikeMS.

And then I picked up my daughters after work and one of them was broken. Em is sick. Went home from school with a fever.

The good news: not likely any sort of swine flu action. She has the sniffles and a fever but is in good spirits, ate well, and doesn't seem sick all the time. The bad news, she might be infecting me going into a weekend busy with freelance work, a week busy with regular work and the aforementioned BikeMS.

I selfishly fretted about getting sick myself, but what am I gonna do besides lay in plenty of hand sanitizer? I'd buy myself a bubble if I could, but Dad in a Bubble wouldn't be much of a Dad.

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