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Monday, September 14, 2009

Butt Prints

Not quite the same as the Wayne Shorter tune. No, it was high time I got a new saddle. And cycling friends were telling me this before my seat was threatening to literally break all the way off and dump my ass on the road.

I got fitted for a Bontrager Inform. By fitted, I mean I sat on a thing that took my butt print, to measure the distance between my sit bones. Very cool, but it's a leap of faith to go to a harder saddle. Didn't I buy padded shorts? Why not even more padding on the saddle?

I guess if the maniacs in the Tour of Missouri were riding extra-padded seats, I'd have an argument but it's hard to argue with a formula that works for people who ride more in a week than I have all summer.

It'll take some getting used to, the pressure is more concentrated on the pressure points. But they are points made to take pressure, not the nerve conduits down the middle: put the pressure on the middle, in the soft tissue, and your brain literally goes numb and can even cease functioning.

Also got a pair of H2 Hardcase tires, new inner-tubes, and with a lot of help from my kid brother, managed to get all this crap on the bike in time for the Trek recovery ride. Barely. If I'd had more time, I might have taken that back wheel off and turned the tire around. I mounted it with the tread pointing the wrong way. Which might not matter, but I have to think they put an arrow on the side of the tire for a reason.

Much easier riding on the new tires. They are a little higher pressure and only mash out to about double in the back with my weight on the bike.

My butt is a little sore where the pressure points hit, but not as bad as I might have feared. It'd be good if I had more than 12 days to get used to the new saddle before the big event, but I'll be sore after 170 miles no matter what, I'm sure.

Good food, great margaritas and fun conversation at Dos Reales after, a really good way to spend a Monday evening.

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