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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Postkarte Helvetica

My brother and his wife took a little vacation to Switzerland (yes, I'm jealous, though if I was going to spend that kind of dough for a vacation, I'd be donating my liver to Belgium—or, if Belgium ran out of beer—possible with me on the continent—the distilleries of Scotland.

I got this postcard the other day and something distracted me before I blogged it. Saw them today, and they'd brought the most amazing chocolates.

I don't know if the Swiss invented chocolate, but they sure perfected it. What they do with cacao and butterfat makes up for all the crimes Quark Xpress (Swiss company) has committed against the graphic arts. And when it's smuggled back in a briefcase, or mailed (I used to have a friend in Switzerland who sent a care package at Christmas), it's about a year fresher than what you find in the stores. Divine.

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