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Saturday, November 16, 2013

World's Biggest Toilet

The Miller Park sculpture garden next to the Garden of Eden was new since my 2008 trip to Lucas, but they'd also added this: Bowl Plaza.

Some of this stuff had been there before, I remember the frog and the 'fork art.' But the bathroom was new. It was closed for the day by the time I got to it, and I hear there's more art inside, but the exterior itself is a nice piece.

At other stops I'd made, people would ask, 'Have you been to Bowl Plaza yet?' I thought, man the people in this town are mighty proud of this toilet. When I found it, well, they're right to be proud. It's definitely more interesting than any other public toilet I've ever seen.

The toilet paper rolls out to become the sidewalk, there's even a sculpture of a dog drinking from a sculpture of the water in the toilet.

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