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Friday, November 08, 2013

Velo Vixens Zine

The Velo Vixens thing, well, how could I resist. Even before I discovered urban cycling, I kind of had a policy that I'd only date cyclists.

Riding in the city, though, you meet the most amazing women.

How amazing are they? I married one, that's how amazing. I thought my monogamous partner instincts were long dead before I met Corinna.

So this is an project of BikeWalkKC, and it's just about as retro as an idea can get. I mean, really, a zine? Midwest Rock Lobster started out as a Zine back when W's dad was in the White House.

I had to make this launch party for several reasons. Some of my favorite peeps were going to be there; it was on the way home from work on my usual bike commute route; there was Tallgrass beer; that beer was free. Oh, and there were photos to be taken, I'm always up for that.

Mills Record Company, which hosted the event, is also quite awesome. It was a real coming home moment to walk in a record store and see actual records. Not just a few used records, either, there was new vinyl including Iron Maiden and Dead Kennedys, the stuff that hooked me on record store bins in the first place back when the plains were still black with buffalo and there were maybe three or four TV channels.

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