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Friday, November 08, 2013

WInd Farms

The wind farms I passed through on the way to Lucas were truly amazing. Big like gods, I've seen the component parts on trains and these blades require special double-car flat beds and the nose cones sit higher than the locomotives.

They're kind of a hazard to navigation, it's easy to get to looking at them and forget you're piloting a ton of steel at 80 mph.

There was a shot I really wanted to get, but I failed. There's a tiny church just before you get to Wilson that's at the foot of these giant wind turbines, and the way the sunlight was playing on its roof and the land and the windmills was really magical. I got off at the next exit and went back trying to spot it but apparently it's mainly visible from the westbound lanes. When I was passing back that way I saw it again but realized too late that the best solution was to pull over to the shoulder and shoot it from the Interstate.

Risky, to be sure, but that would have been the way to do it. Unfortunately, by the time I realized that I had already wasted an hour circling it.

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