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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wilson Lake / Windmills

The wind turbines were fascinating as I drove in to Lucas. When I was looking for a spot to camp around Wilson Lake, I noticed their red warning lights on the horizon, quite striking really.

I know it's better at killing birds than poisoning the groundwater or causing earthquakes, but I really think wind power has a lot going for it. It's not as good as nuclear for creating large scale disasters, and it doesn't silently kill tens of thousands of people with it's pollution (like coal), but you can power houses and shit off it, true story.

I really enjoyed camping at Wilson Lake, which is pretty much identical to all the other Army Corps state parks in Kansas. They're beautiful, affordable, and all over the place, a pretty good deal compared to motels. When I was looking into it, I called and talked to a ranger to make sure I wasn't going to get there and find out that Wilson was somehow different from the others. The ranger said, yeah, we're open but the showers are closed. I said I could probably get by without a shower for one night, and she said, 'You could camp at Sylvan Grove, the Army Corps still has the showers open there for hunters.'

Sylvan Grove turned out to be a great place to camp, it's below the dam so there's shelter from the wind. It doesn't have the view of the lake I had from Lucas Park at the top but when you bed down for the night you're not really looking at the view, are you? In any case, I had a huge fire, and that's also fun to look at. The real bonus wasn't the shower I didn't actually end up availing myself of (I forget a towel and it was pretty chilly for an air-dry) was that the Army Corps only charges $10 for a water/electric site, less than half what it would have cost me in the state park up the hill.

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