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Friday, October 11, 2013

Talent Show

I don't remember if they included regular bands or choirs in the school talent show when I was in high school. I remember playing 'Take Five' in a trio with Pat Carmichael and Karl Spicer my sophomore year, but I don't remember the jazz band, orchestra or choir being part of the show.

Pat and Karl, incidentally, went on to careers as professional musicians. I had those same aspirations but Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (misdiagnosed as tendonitis and thus improperly treated) stepped in and set me on a different course.

Anyway, Em's choirs end up being the framing acts for GEHS's talent show every year.

The bulk of the individual acts were singers accompanying themselves on guitar in assorted genres.

But there was the headbanger, a Metallica-loving bassist. I couldn't tell (not being familiar with that band's whole catalog) if he was playing a Metallica song he'd adapted into a bass solo or if it was a bass solo off one of their records he was performing.

They included the cheerleaders, dance team and whatnot, too.

I really had fun trying to photograph the girl doing hula-hoop. Especially when the theater went dark and she turned on the LEDs in the hoop.

Actually, it's challenging to shoot anything on this stage. The lighting is just horrible for photography.

I heard my friend Julie conversing with another pro about shooting ballet and opera and complaining about the lighting on them. I guess even the pros don't light their stage with photography in mind.

So many times I think I've got everything dialed in on the camera just perfect but what I get are white blobs.

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