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Sunday, October 27, 2013

R.I.P. Flying Pig

That trip to Lucas, I put it off a little too long.

When I was there in 2008, we missed the Flying Pig Gallery, Eric Abraham's place. I can't remember for sure now, but I think either he was closed by the time we got to it or we otherwise needed to get out of town after doing the Deeble House, Garden of Eden, and Grass Roots Art Center. Anyway, when I tried to go there this time, it was closed for good.

I guess Eric went in for some surgery in September and didn't come back out. I heard two accounts, one that he had a heart attack on the operating table, another that he had complications after surgery, but either way I was slightly over a month too late to experience the Flying Pig in all its glory. You could see in the windows, and for that matter from the signage, what a treasure the place was.

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