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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shooting Lemon

Went to Jazz Poetry Jams for the first time in a while because Corinna was doing the open mic there for the first time in a long, long time. Since before her concussion.

Lemon Andersen was the headliner, and he was so good I bought his book. I think he had me at his line about being a mulatto, 'too dark to be white, too pale to be doin' it right.' He seems to specialize in that funny but heartbreaking thing.

Of course I tried to get good photos, with frustrating results. The stage lighting is always a challenge and while I get better results than I used to I still wish I could find a way around that harsh whiteout on the faces and whatnot.

I may have stumbled onto something, though: the better results I got were from shooting intentionally dark and then brightening things up a bit in post production. I usually rely on the aperture priority mode, set the aperture for depth of field, pick my focal point and let the camera do a better job than I would at the rest. But shooting a stop or two under (in manual mode) seems to help some with the harsh glare factor. It also helps isolate the subject by reducing the detail in shadow areas, so I kind of dig that, too.

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