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Monday, September 02, 2013

Identity Crisis

I don't know what I was thinking growing super hot peppers again. They're not that useful, and if you want crazy amounts of heat you can buy it cheap.

I planted some mild salad peppers this year, 'Lunchbox' varieties, red, yellow and orange. Haven't seen any Lunchbox Orange yet, that plant might have died, but I got the red for sure. The one that's supposedly the yellow though, it must be something else. Blisteringly hot, the kind of thing that takes a half hour to recover from. Not jalapeƱo hot some multiple of that.

That yellow pepper. though looks a lot like a Lunchbox Yellow. Then there's this little orange fellow. I think it's a Yellow Pequin, huge bush with hundreds of tiny peppers coming in, just a few of them have turned from green to this orange. And these little guys pack a military grade pepper spray wallop.

Then there's the red Peter Pepper. He's worth growing just for the novelty of looking at it, but way hotter than I like to just eat and that's not to mention the (not pictured here) Trinidad Scorpion. Anyone want some extra capsicum in their diet? Hit me up, I can fix you with as many Scoville units as you can handle.

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