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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bike For Brains

My friend Brian Gallmeyer routinely refers to this as 'Bike for Brains,' which sounds like it's a benefit for nerds or something along those lines.

Not that I think he cares much what the ride is 'for.' Gallmeyer doesn't need an excuse to ride 70 miles, he just needs a bike.

Normally, me too. Last year I set my personal best distance, just shy of 110 miles on this ride. Well, there was pre-ride and post-ride miles on top of the longest route B4B had to offer.

I haven't been on a bike since June 21, right before I flunked a nuclear stress test with flying colors and went on this little bypass surgery odyssey. My pecs are still sore enough that resting any of my weight on my arms still sounds like a mistake, though the doc did say I could take a cautious test ride when I felt like I could handle it.

This week in cardiac rehab they'll have me start the hand-cycle to try and build my upper body a bit, we'll see how that goes.

It was still good to get out and see folks like Gallmeyer, my good friend Jill and a bunch of other people I mostly see when I've got a Long Haul Trucker between my legs.

I did do the short walk they offered, or part of it. Corinna's head injury wasn't cooperating and we ended up heading back short of the full route. It's a little weird, tell you the truth, me having more stamina than she does, but in this case I could have easily done more.

I'm sure she'll make up for it once she's recovered, normally I'm the one who can't keep up.

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