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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Another Sunday Afternoon Ride

I managed to slip out for a little ride in the afternoon after church and lunch was done. I had that time slated for fetching a few cubic yards of compost from Suburan Lawn & Garden with my friend's hijacked F-450 dump bed, but he'd begged off until next week.

Which is when I originally planned to put out my tomatoes, including in a couple of these beds I need to fill with this as yet un-bought compost.

May 1 is the official season opener according to my guru and tomato plant source, James Worley. Last year, I could have totally jumped that gun and won the gamble, but it would have been a gamble. They've revised the growing zones to accomodate the climate change I still don't believe is really caused by carbon dioxide (I'm not saying it isn't happening, I'm saying there's some hinky shit going on with the cause-effect science). So I could probably get away with being three or four days ahead of that May 1 date, but according to James' blog and emails, the lack of sunshine isn't really doing these guys any favors as it is, so transplanting them early isn't likely to gain me any yield.

And this friend is offering to help me fetch this compost on the cheap. Suburban wants a huge delivery charge to come as far as me, so huge in fact that I'd almost buy the ten yards required for free delivery. That's two or three years worth of compost for me, probably more since we've about maxed out the yard and probably won't add a bunch of beds the next few years. But my $150 compost order would cost $140 in delivery charges, so a friend with a dump truck you can use for minimal compensation and gas, that's too good to pass up.

There's a closer place that sells compost, but I learned the hard way they aren't where to get it. We got their topsoil mix last year, and it was so-so, didn't kill everything we planted in it anyway, but I'm just not going to use their stuff anymore. Suburban's compost is almost like potting soil you get for $37 per yard.

So since we weren't hijacking a dump truck today, I went riding and found myself shooting a few tags and murals along the way. Of course.

My hat's off to the Motel/Morel tagger, by the way. I shoot a lot of tag art, including a lot of whole-car pieces, but when you think about the fact that these railroad cars hold a bevy of drive-on-the-road cars, painting something that goes floor to ceiling is an athletic event, probably involving repelling and/or sneaking ladders or a cherry-picker into a train yard.

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