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Sunday, April 21, 2013

BRGRs & Birds

For my brother's birthday, we ate at BRGR, a 'modern burger joint' — I guess vowels in the name would have been passé.

Good food, I had a Jucy Lucy (yes, that's how they spell it), and it was deliciously juicy and on the rare side of medium rare, exactly as I ordered it. The truffle fries, well, maybe truffle oil is too subtle for all the other things going on with the burger and whatnot because except for a dusting of parsley I couldn't tell they weren't just fries. My Mom had the sweet potato fries, and they dust them with sugar which isn't maybe necessary but it is good.

Good beer list, too.

After, we came out to find Operation WildLife showing off some maimed birds of prey. Maimed because, if not for their injuries, they'd have been released back into the wild instead of being displayed like this.

There's a reason I carry my camera bag with me everywhere, and the reason is you never know when you'll emerge from a restaurant and get to shoot a one-eyed screech owl up close.

They also had a Merlin falcon, and three kinds of hawk on show.

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