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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


We went to my Dad's house for Easter, actually a day early, for the usual festivities. A food orgy, an egg hunt, general chit-chatting with family while my nephews (they are legion) roughhouse and frolic.

Me and Corinna were comparing notes that evening about how tired we were, and she'd never heard the theory that little kids are actually energy vampires who suck the juice out of the adults near them. It feels true.

We had to kind of segregate the hunt by age group, my youngest nephew is in diapers, my oldest in high school and too cool to hunt eggs. Come to think of it, my oldest niece has her CNA license.

I guess I fell down on the job this year, didn't dye eggs with my kids or play Easter Bunny. I know, they think they're too old for that, at least one of them does, but I say as long as you're under my roof you're not too old to be tucked in to bed.

My step-brother Larry used to be in sales. He was good at it, might have been the one person who ever made any money selling Cutco knives, spent a few years in the car biz before he went back to school to become a high school teacher. Anyway, my phone wasn't working right lately, the power button was basically non-responsive, and I'd been thinking about upgrading very soon anyway (I was about two months from done with the contract deal). I wanted better performance, but more than that I wanted a bigger screen. Big as they come, and I thought that meant the Galaxy 4 from Samsung.

Larry had something even bigger, the Note, with a stylus and all that. I guess he must be a natural at the sales biz because he's been out of the game for years now and didn't even stand to make a commission, but damned if I didn't end up with a Note II on my way home from my Dad's house.

I think it's a good match for my desires, I don't really want to lug a separate tablet around, and it offers you basically a mini-tablet in an overgrown phone.

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